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A word of warning good people of Detroit, if you go atomic and kill your friend with a Crock-Pot that is 23 years in prison. Just saying.


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Cane Toad Problem Solved

The only effective way

I have some good news and I have some bad news. Firstly, there maybe an effective predator to the Cane Toad. Bad news, it’s friggin tarantulas. Feet up everybody! Those hairy arachnids jump the nasty toads when they venture anywhere near their burrows. They have friggin burrows? Queensland spider expert suggests if you want cane toads out of your life adopt spiders, big ones.


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Never Trust A North Korean Defector

We know nothing

Well, well, Well, Kim Jong Il, seems your dastardly plan has failed. A North Korean defector, now believed to be a sleeper for the nasty regime, has been caught carrying a poison tipped needle believed to be intended for South Korean activist Park Sang-hak. You remember Sang-hak, he’s the dude that flies unmanned balloons across the North Korean border each year dropping thousands of leaflets criticizing Kim Jong Il’s regime. Evidently the defector, only known as An,  set up a meeting with Mr Sang-hak but Sang-hak was wise enough to inform National Intelligence Service who said no friggin way. In a sting operation, reminiscent of an 80’s movie, An was  found with the deadly device on him. What a prick!


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The Brothers Grim!

Well done son!

Oh my, two little Indian boys (aged 5 and 7) allegedly hacked to death a wanted criminal after recognizing him hiding out in an orchard. Sheez, here’s hoping it wasn’t mistaken identity!!! The Times of India reported the two blood soaked brothers waltzed into a police station in Uttar and declared they had killed Mahendra. Police later found the butchered body of the fugitive in the orchard.Hmm, I don’t know if the parents should feel proud or extremely scared of  their kids!


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