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No Time To Duck

OMG, a woman in Townsville has been killed by a flying mower blade. The woman was walking down the street minding her own business when a blade from a slasher, being pulled by a small tractor, flew off and hit her in the head.The slasher was being used to mow a vacant block. A witness said she died instantly.


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Just When You Least Expect It

Ah Shit!

Oh dear, a Hong Kong woman has died after an elderly woman plunged from her 27th floor apartment and landed, kaboom, right on top of her. It is believed the 74 year old woman slipped while fetching clothes, fell over the balcony then landed on the unsuspecting Chan Kwai-mui. In a morbid twist of fate Ms Chan’s hubby died when a crane fell on him a few years earlier. Police say the women were ” found in a heap”.


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