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While You Were Sleeping

cow falls through roof kills manYou know what I hate? When you are fast asleep and an 11 and a half ton cow falls through your roof and kills you. I really friggin hate that. The cow had wandered down a hill and onto the roof which then gave way and landed on the man (narrowly missing his wife). Unfortunately, he died from internal injuries while waiting for treatment at the local hospital.

Psst Brazil


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Just another little Hiccup

Remember “hiccup girl”? You know, the teen who couldn’t stop hiccuping. Come on, she was famous for like a week in 2007 hiccuping 50 times an hour for 6 weeks. Anywho, she’s now been charged with murder. Sheez, an attention whore! Jennifer Mee allegedly lured a man to an address and he was then robbed and murdered by two accomplices. Oh, but on a brighter note Mee no longer has hiccups.

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