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Definition of father-in-law from hell?

A father who kill’s his son’s bride , her parents and 4 guests following the wedding. Awks. Seems he didn’t like his son’s choice.


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Lion Kills Woman Having Sex

Lion kills women while she's having sexOne of the many hazards of having sex in the bush in Zimbabwe is the possibility of being mauled by a rogue lion. The woman, known as  Mai Desire, was with her boyfriend doing a little hanky panky when the beast pounced. Unfortunately Desire was mauled to death while her boyfriend fled, naked and with a condom still on. Needless to say motorists were reluctant to stop for him. Another unidentified man was found mauled to death while rangers were out looking for the lion.


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Game Over

Note to self, do not confiscate an Xbox from a 14 year old boy. A Scottish teen has admitted to stabbing and killing his carer after she took away his game console, cell phone and laptop.


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Killer Goat

You talking to me?

OMG, no need to panic hikers in Olympic National Park but some of those mountain goats roaming the park are friggin killers. Bob Boardman was hiking with his wife and a friend when they were approached by a bad tempered goat. When Mr Boardman tried shooing it away the goat attacked, goring him in the thigh. To make matters worse the goat stood over his victim while he lay bleeding. By the time an off duty park ranger got to Mr Boardman, after pelting the goat with rocks, he was dead.

Psst The goat was shot dead  for his troubles.


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