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The Elixir of Life

Proud of you son

Kim Jong Un, you are a legend. Seems our irratic little North Korean dictator has invented an alcoholic drink that won’t give you a hangover. Introducing Koryo, a miracle 86% proof spirit distilled from rice wine and fermented ginseng root. Despite not a soul ever having heard of it North Korea claims Koryo Liquor ‘has raked high among the world famous liquor and enjoys a good reputation with discerning drinkers.’ Bottoms up.


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Kim Jung Un executed 15 of his officials after they poo-pooed his policies . Fair enough.


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Kim Jong Um Has A Dud Rocket

OK Aussie Loons, you can down the hard hats. Kim Jong Um’s rocket shat itself shortly after take off. Move on, nothing to see here. North Korea had been threatening all week to launch a long range missile into Aussie airspace but it seems they had trouble keeping it up. Tsk, tsk , tsk,seems to be a common problem.


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