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Deadly King Cobra

King cobra on the loose in QueenslandFeet up people of Orlando, seems an 8ft venomous king cobra is on the loose after escaping from its owner’s house. Unfortunately, the deadly reptile is friggin green and yellow and most likely gonna be hanging out in densely wooded area. Authorities are saying not to approach the creature…. no shit Sherlock …. one bite has enough venom to kill 20 people. More bad news, cobras are good climbers and it is likely to grow up to 18 feet. Good luck with that!


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Deadly Pet Escapes

Feet up Queenslanders, there is a King Cobra on the loose on the Gold Coast. Veteran snake catcher Tony Harrison received an anonymous call from a bloke concerned his escaped snake would attack someone. Initially Mr Harrison thought he was talking about a King Brown but the caller corrected him.  Oh for crying out loud , haven’t we got enough scary wildlife down under?

Psst Might want to sleep with both eyes open!!!


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King Cobra Kills Snake Lover

Remember Luke Yeomans a snake conservationist who was breeding the biggest king cobra colony in Europe? No? Well, never mind, he’s died after being bitten by one of them. The snake lover was about to open his king cobra sanctuary to the public this weekend but had a heart attack after one of the reptiles turned on him. RIP snake lover.


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Kendrapada’s Snake Man Dies

The King Cobra hunter of India is dead, killed by a snake. Rajkishore Pani (62) who was thought of as India’s “Steve Irwin” was bitten while removing a king cobra from a neighbor’s brick kiln in the middle of his son’s wedding. Pani usually had emergency vaccines and a pump to remove poison on hand but when he was found he was semi unconscious and writhing in pain. He died a few minutes after arriving at hospital. The conservationist had rescued over 4,000 reptiles in his 30 year career.

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