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Ding, Ding, Ding, Fatberg Right Ahead

Fatberg found in London sewerJust like the iceberg took out the Titanic a “fatberg” nearly took out a suburb in London. The “fatberg”, aka an enormous clump of cooking fat and sanitary wipes, was found clogging the drain under a road in Kingston. The nasty messy was over 15 tonnes (size of a bus) and had reduced the sewer capacity to 5%. Left any longer the fatberg could have unleashed a torrent of raw sewage from the manholes, the likes the world has never seen.


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911 Is Not A Santa Hotline

Hello, Santa please.

Hmm, I know two little snowflakes who might not get a visit from Santa this year. The two tikes, 4 and 6 rang 911 and asked to speak to either the police chief or Santa Claus.  Sadly, they didn’t get their wish but instead they got a nice little visit from a New York policeman, followed by a nice long lecture.


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A Shout Out To Corve

That's him!Many of the Loons may know Corve Dacosta, he is a regular blogger here and a proud Jamaican who continually enlightens his readers about all that is good in his country. Sadly his Capital City Kingston is in a state of emergency thanks to the  friggin druglord Christopher “Dudus” Coke. So I just want to do a shout out to Corve, his family and friends and hope you stay safe.

Psst Check out Corve’s blog for daily updates about the unrest.


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