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You Are Never Too Old

No dad, NO!!!!!! Every kids nightmare just became this man’s. Pro boxer, Conor Benn, had just kaboomed his opponent to score his first professional knockout when ….. OMG, his daddy (former boxer Nigel Benn) jumped into the ring and planted a serious of kisses on his stunned son. One in particular looked seriously awks.



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Turn The Other Cheek

kissOoh la la. A French thief who planted a kiss on the cheek of his victim has been caught thanks to his slobber. Yep, DNA is a bitch. Pierre and his sidekick followed an employee of a jewelry store home, tied her up, gagged her and poured petrol over her head until she revealed the codes to the stores alarm system and safes. One of the dudes then went and robbed the store while the other one watched over the terrified woman. When the job was completed Pierre untied the woman and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  Poor Pierre. His DNA was registered on the national genetic database.


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Give The Woman A Kiss

Helen Staudinger was arrested in Florida yesterday after she fired at her neighbor who had refused to give her a kiss, she is 92. Seems Dwight Bettner (53) was not willing to pucker up to the elderly woman, who has a big crush on him. Ms Staudinger has been obsessed with Mr Bettner since he moved into the neighborhood six months ago and had even tried to strangle a woman she thought was having an affair with him.The recent incident happened after Ms Staudinger went to speak to Mr Bettner and an argument ensued after he refused to give her a kiss, so she then stomped off and got her .380 semi-automatic handgun and fired at his house.


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Probably Not Good For The Sport

Why can’t all boxers be this friendly?


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Wife Got Your Tongue?

Bit off more than she could chew

A Wisconsin man is recovering in hospital after his wife bit off his tongue during a kiss. Oh I don’t know why loons, she just did. The 79 year old man rang 911 despite missing half a tongue and sounding virtually unintelligible. When officials arrived the man and his 57 year old wife were outside singing Christmas carols. Hark!


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Moosic Mania

The Kiss inspired cow number 49 can be found in the courtyard of Busselton’s Art Geo Cultural Complex looking decidedly hip. When I arrived an hysterical little snowflake, who obviously had no idea who Kiss are/were, was being comforted by his bemused mother. The bovine was designed by Joyce Hatchett and  her hubby Douglas Hatchett  “Hubby and I run amok with many a tool, Creating a Rockstar out of this raging bull, Radiowest wants something that Rocks, so Kiss and Gene Simmons will bring the Flocks.” No doubt Paul Stanley would be hell pleased with his placement.

Psst Oh and for all of you interested, Busselton is a quaint little coastal town which boast the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere.

Moosic Mania Cow

Is that a hatchett job?

No doubt Paul Stanley would be hell pleased!

Community Service Announcement – All the cows will be auctioned off on July the 10th, 2010. Money raised will be going to several fantastic Western Australian charities and non profit organisations including Telethon, Give Me Five For Kids, Breast Cancer Foundation WA, Starlight Foundation, Jewel and Lake Cave Conservation Projects, Arts Margaret River and Asthma Foundation of WA. If you are absolutely smittened with one of these cows and can picture it in your garden or office you might just want to contact www.margaretriver.com or email cowparade@margaretriver.com for info on how to bid…oh and don’t forget to tell them the Friggin Loon sent ya!


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