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Kittens For Your Office

With a kitty crisis in New Zealand, SPCA and Uber are joining forces to offer a Friday “kitten in your office” to companies around Wellington . For $30 you can have a little feline delivered to your office and let loose around your work space. The 15 minute visit is designed to inspire people to adopt a pet. When the idea was first tested in the USA over 300 kittens were adopted. Hmm, what could possibly go wrong?

cat lol 35

PSST You can book a kitty via the Uber app.


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Evil Has A Name

The statue of Abraham Lincoln in Florida has a nice little hole in it now, thanks to a naughty little kitty. Somehow the three week old devil managed to find its way inside the statue, forcing rescuers to drill a friggin hole into the sculpture to rescue him.  LOLcat.


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One Dumbassed Cat vs 2 Green Apples

Introducing one dumbassed cat and two green apples …. spot the fruitcake!


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Kitty 1, Man 0


Unless that little kitty was a lion cub I wouldn’t be ringing police to complain about being bitten by a kitten. Craig Wyatt was trying to tie a piece of string around the feline’s neck when meow, he got bit, so he rang the cops. When the officers arrived the poor little thing was tied to a tree and Wyatt had a puncture through his thumbnail.


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Cat Slapped

The moral of the story is if you put a hat on a cute little kitty it’s going to get friggin slapped!


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The Kitty and the Peas

Can someone get me a snuggie blanket please?

The difference between me and the kitten who spent 4 weeks in a UK warehouse in friggin sub zero temperatures eating frozen peas and licking frost  is,  I wouldn’t have survived. I hate friggin peas and will pick them out of any dish I find them in! Anywho, despite the little black and white kitty, now nicknamed Frosty, losing both ears and his tail from frostbite, he’s alive and being spoiled rotten at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Woodside Animal Centre in Leicester.


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Bath Time For Kitty

OMG, a sphynx cat taking a bath… priceless.  My cat taking a bath…. hours at the casualty ward! See Susi Spice cats can be cute!


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Cutest Kitten Ever

This would have to be the cutest little kitty you’ll see all day. Surprise!


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