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Sorry Claudius and Maximus



popping candy


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Charity Doesn’t Necessary Start At Home

NOA Seattle woman, who had just finished shift work, was so peeved that runners had woken her up she went to her 5th floor apartment window and threw a frozen chicken breast, a trash bag, cat poop, kitty litter and a sports drink at them . She must have been a good shot because she managed to hit a teen with the frozen chicken breast and a man with the sports drink. The victims were all running for a cancer fundraiser .

Psst No word on if anyone got showered with the kitty litter or poop.


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Dell’s Kitty Litter Laptop

Dell laptop smells like cat pissAttention loons, if your Latitude 6430u ultrabooks Dell laptop smells like cat piss you are eligible for a replacement. Evidently the company has been inundated with complaints about a cat urine stench  coming from the keyboard. One disgruntled customer said “it smells as if it was assembled near a tomcat’s litter box.” Dell confirms they have located the issue and promise the new Ultras will be kitty litter free. Hmm, I blame the mouse.

Want sauce with that?


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Kitty Litter Fight Ends In Tears

Kitty litter fight ends in tearsRefuse to clean the kitty litter? That’s a death threat from your knife welding hubby right there. But on the bright side he gets a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and a $1,000 bail bond for his troubles. No word on whether the cat still has its legs crossed.

Want sauce with that?


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Who Flung Dung?

OK, here’s the thing bickering women, dumping your cat’s kitty litter boxes onto each others property ain’t gonna solve anything and will really confuse the cats! Here’s how it all went down….911 receives a call at 4.04 am by one of the women who reports an assault. At 4.07am the other woman rings 911 and tells dispatchers her neighbor had emptied a kitty litter tray in her front yard so as retaliation she had chucked her cat’s kitty litter tray over the neighbors car and was then attacked for her troubles. Enter police who have bigger things to worry about and send both ladies to their neutered neutral corners.


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