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Dumbass Bro

Wloser2hen  a New Zealand customer decided to knick a tip jar after purchasing a meal  at a local fast food joint he scored a grand total of $6.77. Unfortunately in his haste he left his $9.92 meal behind. Loser.


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A Kiwi man walked into a petrol station with a rod protruding from his head. The owner’s first thought was it was a prank but unfortunately it wasn’t. The guy told police he was sitting in his parked car when kapow, he was struck in the head with the rod. One of the witnesses who saw him walk in asked him ‘Is that a drum stick in your head? To which he replied, ‘Nah, it’s a rod.’

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Bare Bum Electric Fence eh Bro

Silly billy Kiwis. The end is priceless….


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Eh Bro Ya Banned Me Ad

A Kiwi commercial with kids talking about their dad’s  drug driving habits has been banned. It’s friggin hilarious …


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Hard Act To Swallow

Oh for crying out loud you Kiwis, what’s this I hear about you serving horse semen shots at a food festival? OK, if there is someone to blame for this gastronomical nightMARE you can point your finger at Lindsay Kerslake, it’s his fault, he thought of it. Urgh, he says the semen will be like a milkshake mixed with favors including vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.  Interested? Then get your taste buds to the Wildfoods Festival in Hokitika on the 12th of March…I want videos.

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Once Were Pie Eater

OK people, never ever get between a Kiwi and his pie. A man who allegedly stabbed his stepson in the neck with a knife refused to drop his pie when approached by police. Then when he was told the victim hadn’t died he responded with “Oh fuck, waste of fucking time, wasn’t it?”. As he was being lead away he asked a cop whether he could pick up his pie “My pie’s sitting on the ground. I just paid for that.”

Psst Safer communities together….

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