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Monica Lewinsky You Are Not Alone

Attention office workers. If you decide to have sex at work (after dark) make sure the lights are off and there isn’t a pub full of Kiwis drinking across the road who can see you ….just saying. Oh and yes ,they did record every sordid detail on their smart phones and then posted them all over Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. The married senior insurance manager and the young female office junior were unaware they were being cheered on from across the street by over 50 bar patrons. One witness said  ‘To be honest, after watching them f*** for a good half hour, people started to get bored and drift off back to the dancefloor.’

It wasn’t long before news travelled back to the missus (and the world) that her hubby had been well, you know …. No word on the fate of the two love rats.


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Biggest Choke In Sporting History Bro

Kiwis lose the Americas CupYou are leading 8 to 1 in one of the greatest sporting events in the world and you just have to win one more race ….. just one more … and you …. OMG, you guys choked . Not once but 8 times to lose the America’s Cup. That has to be one of the longest and most tragic chokes of all time. OK, more like excruciating. They just had to win one out of the 8 remaining races to take the most prized trophy in sailing. Just one bro, ONE. To add salt to the big gaping wound, the private plane, that had been waiting on the tarmac for a week to whisk the Kiwis home to victory celebrations, was still sitting there.

Psst I’m guessing there will be a massive discount on champers in NZ.


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Legend Bro

Blahahaha, Kiwis have an awesome anti drinking driving  ad campaign bro.


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Google Earth Spots Penis Prank

Oh my, not the kind of attention or reputation a school wants. The principal at Fairfield College in Hamilton, New Zealand, is not amused after David McQuoid spotted 6 giant penises (penii) decorating the grounds of the high school while looking for property on Google Earth. Acting principal Gerhard van Dyk was hoping the little prank would end up as folklore amongst the students but thanks to Google Earth pretty much the whole world now knows about the “Fairfield Phalluses”. Seems a student or two got their hands on some weedkiller in 2009 and went to work drawing giant penises around the school grounds. Unfortunately it took awhile for the grass to die off but when it did viola! Despite efforts by the gardener to camouflage the phallic symbols with more weedkiller they just keep on keeping on. The culprits have never been caught.


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Friggin Air New Zealand

Trust the Kiwis and Air New Zealand to make a bizarre in-flight safety video.  Hmm, should be grateful they left out the sheep! Who the hell are the All Blacks?

Hmm, beats the last one they did, where all the crew were friggin naked!!!!


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