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Who Knew KKK Were Clean Freaks Too?

Right, now I’ll grab a rope, you grab the shovel!

Good try, but the state of Georgia have said a big fat no to the Ku Klux Klan adopting a stretch of highway to keep tidy. The white supremacist group had applied to the “Adopt-A-Highway” program but were rejected due mainly to the fact KKK sponsors signs would have to be erected next to the strip they adopted.


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The KKK Are Alive and Well In Harmony

Check out the front page headline news of a North Carolina newspaper.


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Bad For Business If Your Mascot Looks Like a KKK Member

Blahahahahahahaha, you know your marketing sucks when your ice cream cone mascot scares off your customers because it looks like a Klu Klux Klan member. The ice cream shop owners Jose Cantres and Jesus Diaz, who are from Puerto Rico, had never even heard of the KKK when they hired some guy to walk up and down the street in the costume to attract customers. One resident of Ocala in Florida said she was so frightened of the “white dollop” she burst into tears and called her husband. Others thought it was a white supremacist ice cream store. Hmm, like so you can only order vanilla?

Psst Want to see what a KKK ice cream cone looks like? Click here.


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Oh dear, a Georgia high school teacher is on leave after four of her students dressed in mock Ku Klux Klan outfits to film a school project. Evidently a few black students got quite upset and complained, which resulted in the teacher being suspended . Catherine Ariemma who was teaching US history/film education, allowed her student to dress in the white robes and pointed head gear to make a film about the history of racism in America. The only problem was, she let them walk around the school in the offensive outfits.

Psst Lucky it wasn’t a pink Hitler!


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I’m Just Saying

Memo to all would be law enforcement officers, do not and I repeat do not, become a member of the KKK if you want a job. It’s considered a terrorist organization and will result in instant defriending from the force.


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The Gay KKK

Jammers, you just crack me up. For all the loons who missed this in the comments section, here is a re-run. Very funny! I hope the KKK choke on their cheerios!

Psst Me thinks he left his red socks in the wash!


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What Do I Have To Do?

Woman arrested for spitting, death threats and verbal abiseIt is alleged when Julie Hubbard was stopped for a minor traffic infringement in DeLand, Florida she kind of lost it. Not only did she spit on the leg and stomach of one of the officers, she began abusing him with racial slurs (has Harry Connick been notified?). When that didn’t seem to work she pulled out the old “my father is a member of the KKK and he is gonna kill ya” card. Still no joy, so she pissed in the back of the police car.  Hmm, that little episode will get you, a corruption of a public servant by threat, battery on a law enforcement officer and obstructing an officer without violence, charge.


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Well Hello Mr Two Face

Detroit mechanic hides a KKK secretThis is the way weirdest story to come out of Detroit, in like, hours. Mr Burwell seemed like a nice enough guy (sure, don’t they all). The bespectacled white mechanic from Ohio ran a repair shop and was often seen driving black children to church in his bus (ah huh). He even ran a jobs program for ex crims which was funded by the civil rights groups (hmm). He was loved by all including Catholics, Jews and African Americans (now I am worried).Damn, he even gave to the Detroit Black Panther Party (oook). So what’s a man that seems like “Mr Color Blind” doing with  friggin Ku Klux Klan robes in his garage (WTF)? Not only that but he was a high ranking member to boot.Well hello Mr secretary for Unit No. 1 of the local National Knights of the KKK chapter ( can that fit on a name badge?).  Talk about finger in each pie. Even his wife hadn’t a clue about her hubby’s little secret (well, that ain’t no surprise). Funny enough Mr Burwell’s secret stayed hidden for years in the loft of his gargage until the new owner decided to have a clean up. There he found, ironically in a box containing photocopies of checks he had sent to help improve race relations, evidence of his KKK days.You can read the whole story at Detroit News. I would like to think Jim Burwell was an informant for police and not a “real” member of the KKK. Sheez, this coming from someone who believes in Santa and the tooth fairy!

Psst I don’t think Hallmark will be making this story anytime soon.


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