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The Real Meaning of Christmas

Thank you

Grab your Kleenexs loons we have a tear jerker. A mystery man walked into a Kmart store in Missoula and asked the lay-away (lay-by) department who was late on payments for Christmas. When Kmart worker Brenda Warren produced a list the  man paid every last one of them. Brenda Warren then had the happy task of ringing everyone on the list to tell them their presents had been paid for. One woman on the list was at hospital caring for  her sick child. The mystery man told Brenda he had no family and this was his Christmas present to himself.

Psst It wasn’t you Bearman, was it?



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Alejandro Paniagua Pretega was arrested after he allegedly followed a woman around Marbleton Kmart filming her butt. A witness said the woman had no idea her backside was being filmed nor that he was trying to film up her skirt. Hmm, he should have gone to Walmart, they don’t seem to care over there.


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K-Mart goes Wal-Mart

Assistance in aisle 5

You know it maybe tolerated in WalMart but you don’t go around K-Mart in speedos and panty hose making a kerfuffle, no sirree. Seven men reaped havoc at a the Panama City Beach department store, one was running around in speedos and sneakers, while another was wearing a pretty white dress with red panty hose and lipstick. Oh and we won’t mention the man carrying around a double ended dildo either.They were all eventually rounded up and sent on their way. This isn’t friggin WalMart!


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