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Whoopsie Daisy

Who’s bright idea was it to have a glass table?

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The Queen’s Used Undies Sell at Auction

Someone has forked out $18,000 to purchase a pair of Queen Elizabeth’s used knickers, which were left on a private plane during a trip to Chile in 1968. The used under garment  had been in the possession of the late “Baron” Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi  prior to the eBay auction.

Psst I want to know why the Queen  left dirty undies on a plane!


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Emergency Undies

Oh crap, I got my Bonds comfy fit on!!!

OK ladies, hands up who carries a spare pair of sexy knickers in their purse just in case a date goes better than expected? Well, it’s supposedly 43% of you! Don’t look at me, blame Bridget Jones she brought the horror and embarrassment of  granny knickers to light!


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Get A Whiff Of This!

Anyone hoping to buying the Queen’s USED undies prior to Prince Will’s wedding will be sorely disappointed. The auction house who are selling the bloomers have decided to hold off the sale until after the royal wedding. Hmm, they say “Out of respect and courtesy for a person of such dignity and rank”. Yep, because selling someone’s used knickers is so respectful. The unmentionables were accidentally left on a plane during Queen Elizabeth’s trip to Chile in 1968 where they were quickly scooped up and handed to Miami playboy named Baron Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi.


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Guess Who’s Been Sniffing In My Undie Drawer?

Anyone remember the mayor of Lancashire , Ian Stafford? Come on people he was the creepy dude who snuck into women’s bedrooms, rummage through their undie draw, masturbated  and then stole knickers as souvenirs. Well anywho, he’s been jailed for two years. Hmm and he was left with this parting jesture from Judge Heather Lloyd,  “To masturbate into a woman’s underwear and place it back in the drawer, repeatedly, as seen in the DVD, as you have done in other homes is bluntly revolting and the impact on your victims is high.” Awkward!


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