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Aussie Knightmare

What the hell was he thinking? Bad enough the Prime Minister of Australia brought back knighthoods, criminal that he should bestow the first on Prince Philip (The dude that walks behind the Queen of England). Seriously, Abbott must be living in some sad little time warp where he is still prancing the corridors of Oxford University on his Rhodes Scholarship. What on earth would Prince Phil want with an Aussie knighthood? He can’t even get “King” on his stationary. I’m thinking “sir” might just be a massive cliff fall down from “prince” and at 90 something that is NOT what you want. Grow up Abbott, Australia already has.


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How To Mr Fix It

Plans to remove jimmy Saviles knighthoodWhat happens when you give a knighthood to one of Britain’s most high profile TV stars only to discover, after he dies, that he is one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders and the title “sir” can’t be removed? Give him another damn one so he can be stripped of it publicly. Bye, bye Sir Jimmy Savile.

Psst If you give him a new knighthood and then remove it, doesn’t he still have the original one?


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