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Pack Your Bags Koala, You Are Outta Here

This is what happens when a Koala gets kicked out of its tree…. it cries…a lot. Mating season is a bitch in Oz.

PSST Evidently the sook was eventually  allowed back up.



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How Much Can a Koala Bear?

This little marsupial just wanted a lift, no need to get hysterical!


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A Koala Walks Into A Pub And The Bartender Says ….

A koala walks into a bar in Queensland and promptly nods off without so much as a friggin punchline. Hmm, now there’s a Koala I could bear! The scaredy assed marsupial waltzed into the Marlin Bar during a stormy night, proceeded to the bar, climbed up a beam and fell asleep, much to the amusement of the patrons. The koala’s pub crawl ended when the bartender refused to serve him without proper ID and rang the ranger.


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