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Korean Man Marries His Pillow

Oh for crying out loud weird Korean man, marrying your pillow is wrong. OK, the pillow has the Japanese anime girl Fate Testarossa on it, but still, wrong! Prior to the nuptials the couple went to a theme park and rode the rollercoaster and then later they went out to dinner. The man then stuffed Testarossa into a wedding dress for the ceremony and said their I dos. Wanna see the wedding photo? Here it is at Topless Robot.

Psst At least he will get a good night sleep after having some pillow talk ! Geez, I hope Testarossa doesn’t fade, that could get ugly.


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Cultural Divide

Korean man avoids jail because of cultural differences OMG, has the world gone completely mad? A Korean man living in Brisbane, Australia has avoided a jail sentence, after beating up his teenage sister-in-law, thanks to “cultural differences”. Despite the judge describing the offences as “horrendeous” the court decided to sentence him to a suspended 9 months jail term. The man, who can not be named, was facing 7 assault charges which included hitting the girl with a metal vacuum cleaner pipe and a mop handle because she failed to do her homework properly. He also threatened to kill her by tying her to a rock and throwing her into a dam. Hmm, because of the “unique” circumstances which included “cultural differences” he walks away a free man. Whatever country you happen to be living in  you are under the laws of  THAT land for goodness sakes! Well, you would think!

Psst I guess the “cultural differences” include not giving two hoots about a young female!

2nd Psst Full story at news.com.au


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