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Silly Sausage

Do you know the quickest way to get deported from Kyrgyzstan? Well, if you are a Scottish mine worker, posting that their national dish looks like a horse penis on Facebook will do it. Yes, the Scottish worker was arrested and then given his marching orders after posting a photo of his co-workers lining up for their chuchuck sausage and including the horse penis reference. Evidently, he was lucky to have dodged a 5 year jail sentence for race hate.

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Silence The Critics

OK journalists in Kazakhstan, you might want to amend a few things you write about the president after a journo was chucked from a 6th floor window with his hands and feet bound with duct tape. Geez, that will kill you….well, eventually. Gennady Pavlyuk ( pen name Ibragim Rustambek) died a few days after he was found unconscious on the ground. Pavlyuk was one of the main critics of Kyrgyzstan’s President Kurmanbek Bakiyev. Hmm, not anymore.


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No Need For Alarm!

Friggin spooks!

Oh dear god, conspiracy theorists grab a seat have I got something to tell you. Word has it that a plane has been shot down in China and on that plane were believed to be 3 American CIA agents and a large shipment of “mutated” swine flu virus intended for aerial spraying over Kyrgyzstan.WTF everybody panic. Whispers of this have been circulating around Russia and China (both reliable sources!). The plane, believed to be a Zimbabwean MD-ll, had several survivors, one of which has been spilling his guts. China is reporting that many countries are fearing that the United States are deliberately spreading the swine flu into the atmosphere in an attempt at mass genocide. Hmm, are you sure they aren’t just crop dusting?

Psst If you want to get those conspiracy juices running you can read more about it here.


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