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World’s Strongest Medicated Pizza

Scientists create cannibis plant that doesn't get people stonedAs Australia struggles with the very thought of introducing medical marijuana to the ill, a pizza joint in LA is offering marijuana infused pizzas to their sick customers. The company, called Stoned Oven, will deliver to your door a delicious gourmet pizza laced with 250 mg of THC as long as you have a valid medical marijuana card . Well done guys.

Want sauce with that?


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What Happens When A Lawyer Learns Photoshop ?

Way to reinforce your reputation . A lawyer is facing suspension after she photoshopped herself mingling with Hollywood elite and then posting the fake photos on her website to attract clients.

photo shop


Psst  What does a lawyer get when you give him Viagra?



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Better Sex In The City

Seriously, AND you still can’t find it?

Oh for crying out loud, the latest female fad to hit LA is having a “G-spot” injection. Which basically means having your G-spot pumped with collagen (doubling its size) so you can have better orgasms. Seems the $1600 jab is a massive hit and can be done during your lunch break.


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Lovin It

Show us ya golden arches!!!

How do you get a naked man down from a radio tower in Los Angeles? Lure him with two Big Macs. Police spent hours negotiating with the naked 45 year old before he requested two hamburgers from McDonalds. After finishing his meal he agreed to come down. Great! Now every hungry bastard in LA will be scaling towers naked!

Psst Hmm, I’d come down for a ice coffee granita, but not one from Maccas!!!


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Extreme Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday sales hit a new high this year when a woman used pepper spray in an LA Walmart to assist in her shopping frenzy. The unidentified Hispanic woman whipped out her can of mace and sprayed  rival shoppers as she desperately tried to get her hands on a electronic device. At least 10 customers were treated for injuries following the incident. No word on whether the woman successfully purchased her item. In two other separate incidents two shoppers have been shot as they made their way to the carpark with their goodies.

Psst For those who don’t know what Black Friday is, it’s a massive discount bargain day that follows Thanksgiving and is notorious for frenzied shoppers doing everything and anything to get their hands on a sale item.


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Natalie Wood’s Death Being Investigated

OMG, guess what? The LA homicide detectives are reopening the 1981 death of actress Natalie Wood!!! Natalie Wood drowned after a night of partying with her hubby Robert Wagner and guest Christoper Walken on the couple’s yacht during a Thanksgiving weekend. The official verdict was Ms Wood died from misadventure after falling overboard  trying to stop their dinghy from banging against the side of the yacht. The thing is, Natalie Wood was absolutely petrified of water and had a serious fear of drowning, thus making her death either really ironic or totally suspicious? During the original investigation, a woman on a nearby boat claims she heard a woman scream for help around midnight. Wagner also confessed that he and Natalie had been arguing before she drowned.  Anywho, the case has been reopened after police recieved some additional info.


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RIP Vesta Williams

R&B singer of the 80’s and 90’s Vesta Williams has been found dead in an LA hotel room. Prescription pills have reportedly been found at the scene. Police have ruled out homicide. Williams was 54.

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