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My Bad

Iz just couldnt helpz myself, it smelled so goodz…iz sorryz mummy….

Bella the Lab ate a wedding cake on the day of the wedding. The cake was suppose to be being looked after by the bridesmaid   Someone forgot to check the latch on Bella’s cage….  “When I got up in the morning and opened the kitchen door I screamed and burst into tears. The cake was totally destroyed and Bella was sitting there looking at the ground knowing very well that she was in big, big trouble.”

In a desperate plea the bridesmaid and her partner frantically searched for a cake maker to whip something up to replace the crumbled mess. They eventually found someone to get them out of the mess. Well played Bella!

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Dog Gone

OMG, Cathryn Washington left her 14 year old Labrador in the car while she went to buy pet products for her pooch at Costco. The temperature was 104 degrees and it took her over an hour so by the time she returned the dog was all but dead. Think that’s the end of the story? Uhuh, after the dog died in her arms she allegedly gathered up the dog food, bedding and treats she had just bought and returned them to the store for a refund, telling the employees of Costco the dog’s dead now. She has been charged with four counts of animal cruelty.

Psst She had only had the dog for less than week after a vindictive custody battle with her estranged hubby over the dog.


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Dog Saves Himself

Well, well, well, who’s  clever boy then? A Labrador named Max who was accidentally left in a car in soaring heat in Pennsylvania was rescued after he kept honking the horn. The owner, who forgot Max was still in the car after unloading packages , went to investigate the honking  and discovered her pooch sitting in the driver’s seat with his paw on the horn.


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Fined For Picking Up The Wrong Poop

That ain't your shit lady!

The dog poop police are seriously out of control in Britain. A granny was fined £50 after she was caught picking up the wrong dog poop. Yes, Pam Robson had been out walking her Labrador Derik, when he ran off and relieved himself. Mrs Robson, being a good dog poop scooper citizen, immediately picked up Derik’s mess. Next thing she knows a Sunderland Council warden approached her and “He said it was the wrong mess and that he was going to issue me with a fine for £50.” Despite Mrs Robson then picking up her own dog’s mess he still fined her. With the help of a local MP and a solicitor she eventually had the fine over turned. Another fine mess!!!!


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What Would MacGyver Do?

Don’t friggin mess with Texas Governor Rick Perry if you know what’s good for ya. He took a leaf out of Chuck’s book when he shot dead a coyote while jogging with his daughter’s Labrador retriever puppy near Austin. The darn Coyote  leaped out of the bushes and near ate his pooch before he let rip with his .380 Ruger laser-sighted pistol, which was loaded with hollow-point bullets. Mr Perry said he carries the gun because he’s scared of snakes! How friggin big are the snakes in Texas?


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