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Gramps 1, Kiddies 0

My bad?

Rats! A German pensioner has been arrested after he allegedly laced several chocolate Easter bunnies with rat poison, repackaged them and then hung them from a tree for children to find. Seems  he was pissed off with the local kiddies constantly stealing things from his garden. One of his victims had to have his stomach pumped after he nicked one and ate it on the way to school. Joerg-Werner Lubbe confessed to police he had sprayed the chocolate bunnies with ammonium hydroxide.


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Dude These Brownies Are Far Out

OK Missy, hand over those brownies. Wow, these are good! An eighth grader was busted for selling brownies to her classmates for $3 from her backpack. OK, yes, they were laced with marijuana which would explain the steep price. Evidently up to 20 of her classmates bought the hash brownies. A spokeswoman for the New York middle school called the incident “troubling” and warned anyone who knowing munched on the treat would be disciplined.

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Cocaine Laced With Flesh Eating Drug

Attention cocaine users in New York and LA, if you notice parts of your nose, ear or cheek being eaten away its probably because the drug’s been laced with levamisole. Egads! Levamisole is a drug used by veterinarians to deworm pigs, sheep and cattle but can also rot human flesh . Evidently 80% of the US coke supply contains it. For some reason dealers  have been using it as a filler for cocaine instead of the usual baking soda. On the bright side once the drug is out of your body the wounds will heal. On a bit of a bummer note, it usually leaves a shiny scar.

Want sauce with that?


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Latest Drug Trend a Alert

Parents are being warned that drug traffickers in Cranbrook are lacing gummie bears with LSD. Police are concerned that the laced bears could accidentally get into the hands of a snowflake and send them on a 70’s trip.


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Anthrax Laced Heroin

OK, so I'll just have to quit using

OK remember a few months back I mentioned Scotland was having a little problem with anthrax in their heroin and I said not to worry? Well you might want to change that to WTF. Nine deaths later British authorities are warning its heading to London. Gee, who needs terrorists. Authorities are asking that all heroin users cease taking the drug until further notice.Good luck with that!  Anywho, what happened to the policy of natural selection?


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