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We Have Floaters in Chicago

And today’s dead fish story comes to you from Chicago, where thousands of gizzard shad have been found dead and frozen along Lake Michigan. An expert said it ain’t no biggie because gizzard shad aren’t that tough anyways!

Psst No word on whether they were pissed too!

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It Was A Friggin Water Bottle

OMG, a man who couldn’t swim has drowned after he jumped into Lake Michigan to retrieve his girlfriends water bottle. Yes that’s right, water bottle. Michael Hilling had been sitting along side his girlfriend when the bottle fell,  so he jumped in to save it despite not knowing how to swim.

UPDATE : According to Hilling’s mother, the information contained in the Chicago newspapers are false and misleading. He accidentally fell in the lake. It is also being reported that the girlfriend is being harassed on Facebook for not going in after him. More here.


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