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Leemings I Tell Ya , Lemmings!!!

Watch what happens when a guy accidentally ends up in an icy lake…. they all follow.



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Monster In The Lake

Good work Nessie

Feet up Siberian loons, there is a monster lurking in your lake and it likes lifting boats out of the water and wailing as it attacks. Good luck with that. Known by locals as “The Devil” it has been terrorizing  fishermen for years. The mystery has deepened this week with experts picking up a large object on their echo sounding device. Lake Labynkyr is located about 60km from the “coldest place on earth” yet despite all the other lakes in the area freezing over in winter, this lake never, ever freezes AND has no plant life!!!


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Wedding Party Take A Plunge

LOL! I love a good  bridal waterboarding.


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Don’t you just wish sometimes you could do this?



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101 Things To Do Before you Die

This is going on my list right this minute. Bouncy castle boating, cool. Hmm, I wonder if I solo circumnavigated the world in one of those I’d become a hero too?


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Easy Mistake

Not one, but three different people reported seeing  a snowmoblier with a black helmet and dark clothing drowning in a lake in Maine, sparking a full scale rescue . An airboat was dispatched to fly over the ice covered water to spot any holes in the ice where a hapless snowmoblier could have fallen through. Zip, nada, nothing. Officials later concluded that the witnesses more than likely had seen an otter having a little frolic after discovering a bloodstained section of ice where the little creature had been feeding on crawfish.


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