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Drunken Horse Takeoff

Remind me never to fly a freight flight from Mumbai to Bangalore. A Blue Dart Aviation Boeing plane took out 19 runway lights during it’s takeoff. Fifteen one side before over correcting and taking out another 4 on the other side. When the plane eventually landed in Bangalore there was friggin metal and glass bits all through the landing gear and one hell of a flat tire. The takeoff was described as looking like a drunken horse.

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Body In Landing Gear

Sorry people , we just have to do a head count...1,2,3...

OK, a little word of warning to anyone planning to hide in the landing gear of a commercial airplane…don’t! Japanese authorities have found the body of some poor wretch in the landing gear of a Delta airliner. The dark complexion dude, dressed in blue jeans and a shirt had no passport or personal belongings on him (hmm could be a Colt supporter?). A mechanic stumbled across the grisly discovery after the Boeing landed in Tokyo. Odds are the guy froze to death or suffered a shortage of oxygen, either way it was probably a nasty way to go.


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