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The Art of Peeing Standing Up

toilet 6


Heavens to murgatroyd. It seems men in Germany men are not responsible for the damage made to floors from peeing standing up. You heard me. A judge has sided with a clumsy tenant who was suing his landlord for not returning his bond due to the pee stain damage on the marble floor around the loo. In his findings the judge said the landlord should have warned the tenant of the floor’s “sensitivity” to urine droplets.

PSST Dear god, Germany even has a word for men who wee standing up, it is “Stehpinkler”. Those who choose to sit are called “Sitzpinkler”.


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Racist Much?

OMG, an Ohio landlord who placed an iron sign outside the duplex swimming pool stating “Public Swimming Pool, White Only” to stop a black girl from swimming  is pissed that the Ohio Civil Rights Commission found it a violation and so she is now taking it to the STATE Civil Rights Commission. No this isn’t a repeat of the 1950’s!!! The landlord claimed the reason for putting up the sign was that the chemicals used in the girl’s hair would make the pool water cloudy. The parents of the teen have moved out to “avoid subjecting their family to further humiliating treatment,”


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