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Death By Sexual Arousal

OK, there are so many things wrong with this story where do I start? Nichola Paginton, a nanny from England, was found dead in her bed last October. All that was found was a vibrator and a laptop running pornographic images next to her. Hmm? The pathologist concluded that there was no abnormalities in her organs so the only explanation for her death was sudden heart attack brought on by an orgasm or by being sexually aroused.

Psst Geez, what a way to go….everyone knowing!!!!


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Laptop Falls From The Sky

Look up in the sky…it’s a bird… it’s a plane … no, it’s a friggin laptop. Everybody duck. Grayson Peterka is one lucky 10 year old after a laptop computer fell from a medical helicopter and nearly knocked him on the noggin. He and his family were having a BBQ in St Cloud, Minnesota when kaboom, it landed right in front of him. Seems someone left it on the helicopter skids when it took off.


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See, No One Likes Vista!

My bad?

My bad?

Bad,bad pussy. An investigation is under way to determine whether a urinating cat caused a house fire in Benowa, Queensland. Two teenage boys were at home when the fire broke out and they believed their pet cat may be the culprit. Hmm, seems the feline is prone to a bit of spraying and the laptop computer lying in the corner of  one of the bedrooms looked a good a place as any to piss.


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