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Jailhouse Rock

It’s a bitch being a scientist in Italy. An Italian court has sentenced 6 of them (plus a government official) to 6 years jail for failing to predict the L’Aquila earthquake of 2009 which killed 300 people. The group were all members of the National Commission for the Forecast and Prevention of Major Risks whose job it was to keep an eye on earthquake dangers and keep the city informed. Sheez, who knew those low level tremors would lead to a  6.3 shaker. Anywho, on the bright side I hear there are 7 new positions vacant.

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To Believe or Not To Believe

Scientist warned of impending earthquakeIf you really truly believed you knew something bad was going to happen, how far would you go to warn people? Well Italian scientist Giampaolo Giuliani tried his damn hardest to warn the people of L’Aquila that an earthquake was imminent.He knew of the build up of radon gas around the seismically active area and what it meant. So convinced, he posted a warning video on YouTube and also drove a van around the city with a loudspeaker begging people to take heed. Eventually his behavior lead authorities to call the police where he was accused of spreading alarm and told to remove his video from the internet.Sadly his prediction came true.Bravo Giuliani for trying.To all the families caught up in this disaster we send our thoughts and prays.

Sorry, the video is in Italian…


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