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Another Tragedy

Thoughts and prayers to Las Vegas . Just a shocking event. A wicked waste of lives by a 64 year old. Words can’t express my outrage.

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Selfie Holiday Video Fail

A word to the wise….never give your dad a GoPro without giving him instructions on how to use or you will be forced to watch  his holiday videos in selfie mode…. too funny.



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That ship is nothing but trouble

titanicOh dear, the irony. A Las Vegas exhibition displaying items from the ill fated ship the Titanic got slapped with some deja vu when it was forced to close due to water damage. Curses!!!

Want sauce with that?


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Heart Attack Grill

Can I have a double helping of irony please. “Patient John” the unofficial spokesman for the Las Vegas high-calorie restaurant Heart Attack Grill has died from …wait for it…a heart attack. Patient John who frequented the joint every day and whose caricature featured on their menus suffered the heart attack outside the restaurant.


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Honey, Just Use The Tablecloth, Mommy Forgot The Toilet Paper

OMG, a woman in the US was caught potty training her snowflakes at a restaurant. Yes, you heard me, a friggin restaurant.Horrified customer, Kimberly Decker, who originally thought the little kids  were sitting on booster seats,  snapped a photo of one of them perched on her potty (while eating chicken nuggets) and then later posted it on Facebook. Decker said “The more you thought about it, the more unappetizing everything looked around me,”


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When Harry Met Strip Billards

Oh boy, granny won’t be happy. Seems Prince Harry’s been flaunting his Royal jewels around Las Vegas. Obviously what happens in Vegas stays on TMZ. For crying out loud Harry, you could have at least moved your hands a little so we could get a squiz!!!!

Psst Wanna see….click here to TMZ


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Fast Food Weddings

I’ll just have the shrimp skewer thanks.

Denny’s just a whole lot awesomer, if that could be possible. The new Las Vegas restaurant will not only be open 24 hours and have a full bar,  it will also include a wedding chapel. See, I told you, friggin awesome. Oh but wait. there’s more. You can have a Denny’s wedding cake which is made from their delicious  Pancake Puppies and then  later have the wedding photos taken in their interactive photo booth. Denny’s, they think of everything. Awesome!

Psst Just be careful ladies, that you don’t spill any Brooklyn meatball sauce on your dress.


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