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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Oh bless, China is building a laser so friggin powerful it could rip a hole in space. Take that aliens! The laser will be able to produce 10,000 times the power of the entire world’s electrical grids. Which means it will be the mother of all lasers.


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Note to self, refrain from farting when having surgery. A Japanese woman let one rip during a cervix procedure and ignited the laser and herself.  She received burns to her waist and legs.

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Someone Was Bored

What do you do when you see a bunch of dogs roaming aimlessly up the street? Well if you are in Russia you grab your laser and mess with them …that’s what. Silly mutts.


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Room With A View

You know what I hate? When a friggin worm starts living behind your eye for 9 months. I really friggin hate that. An Iowa man was a tad concerned when he  noticed two spots on his left eye were beginning to  obscure his vision. He toddled off to the hospital to be told it was some  friggin worm using his eye as a bachelor pad.  No worries, the doctors got out their weapon of choice and zapped it with a laser. OK, the worm wasn’t giving up without a fight, requiring another round of laser  zapping before it would die. John Matthews isn’t sure if it was a worm he picked up holidaying in Mexico or a raccoon roundworm he caught while turkey hunting. Ewh.


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