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Sneaky Nuts

Standby for the latest craze….sneaky nuts!!!!

If you don’t live in OZ, try this video, fingers crossed it plays.


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Friggin Eyeballing

No people, no. The latest drinking game for young adults is called eyeballing where you pour vodka into your or someone else’s eye. I kid you not. Evidently it gets you drunk quicker (No Duncan, don’t try it!!!). Experts are freaking because vodka is on average 40-50% pure alcohol, which it means it has the ability to strip the friggin top layer of your cornea off. Hmm, better start training up more seeing eye dogs!


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Smart Cars Don’t Float

Forget cow tipping people, the Dutch are Smart Car Dipping. Yep, as the rest of Europe cringe and hope this wont become a new craze, over a dozen of the little eco-friendly two seater Smart Cars have been dumped in Amsterdam canals. One poor guy had the police knock in the middle of the night to tell him his car was floating down a waterway outside his apartment. His room mate’s Smart Car got a dunking the week before. Come on, lets face it the cars are sinking sitting ducks for these types of childish pranks. No really, it doesn’t take very many people to lift it and chuck.

Psst I hear Mercedes are seriously considering making the next model float.

Ooh and lookie Smart Car even have a banned commercial, bonus!


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