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The Movie Had It All, Action, Thriller, Drama, Suspence

You talking to me?

OK, here’s the thing movie goers in Latvia, never tell a loud popcorn munching man to shut the hell up while watching Black Swan, because that’s a shooting. The 27 year old graduate of the police academy, who holds a doctorate in law from the University of Latvia, waited until the end of the movie (considerate) before opening fire on the man who had complained about his eating habits.

Psst Yes, the man died.


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Spell Check Wouldn’t Have Helped!

Latvian Tourism mistranslates English tourism campaignLatvian tourist bosses were left a little red faced when they mistranslated their latest tourist campaign .The £500,000 promotion for the city of Riga was aimed at English speaking travellers and would have worked well had someone just friggin proof read the copy before it went to the printers. Oh dear, the posters and leaflets read RIGA CITY: EASY TO GO, HARD TO LIVE! instead of RIGA CITY: EASY TO GO, HARD TO LEAVE! That’s pretty much a fail.


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How Shocking!

I warned you!

I warned you!

Hmm, giving Latvian bus inspectors taser guns, what could possibly go wrong? Arthur Liepins claims he was cornered by 4 inspectors on a bus in Riga. When they asked for his ticket he made a run for it and was then tasered with a 1,000 volt gun. Mr Liepins claims these people are just “thugs”. Police are currently investigating who the hell gave them taser guns!!! Bus inspectors 1, Arthur 0.


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