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A Horse Walks Into a Bar

And the bartender says ….. Why such a long face?


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Orangutan Can’t Take A Trick

So is he laughing with you or at you ?


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Sheep Are Just So Easy

sheep 3I’m so glad I wasn’t a juror at this bestiality trial. The lot of them were told off by the judge for laughing. Evidently, the chuckles came after the man confessed he had sex with a sheep after a cow rejected his advances.

Want sauce with that?


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If Life Was This Simple

OK loons, I normally hate friggin baby videos but this one  is really funny. Especially when baby gets sick and tired of laughing but daddy keeps on going….


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Are You Laughing At Me?

Drunk man drives into school bus on his ride-on lawnmower

Dumb Ass!

Hmm, sure when you’re drunk you sometimes lose your sense of humor but they are only kids and it was pretty funny! Ron Martin and his companion Charlene Mallorey  got rolling drunk before jumping on a stolen ride-on lawnmower in Ocklawaha. Problem was they didn’t see the stationary bus parked right in front of them and drove straight into the back of it. The impact caused the mower to tip and unceremoniously dump both Martin and Mallorey to the gravel. Cue  laughing kids. Before the hapless duo knew it, they had a bus load  of kids making fun of them. Martin became incensed  and tried to board the bus. Enter police . Children 1, drunk ride- on lawnmower dude  6.5 with pike!


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