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Bill Clinton To The Rescue

Yeah, but their beer tastes like shit!

Yeah, but their beer tastes like shit!

Shhh, we still have to be hush, hush, because you know Kim Jong Il has tendencies to change his mind but it looks like the two jailed American journalists are the luckiest women in Pyongyang ! Bill Clinton’s the man. He went on a little mission to visit Il and play nice (despite all the nasty things he had said about Hillary’s orange pant suit) in the hope that they would release Laura Ling and Euna Lee from the bowels of the North Korean prison. So far so good Bill, Il has announced, thanks to North Korea’s “humanitarian and peace-loving policy,” their immediate release. As for Bill, he now has to explain to Hillary what he was doing with a box of North Korean cigars!

Psst Isn’t it Hills job to do the negotiating? Lazy bitch!

UPDATE The two American journalists have left North Korea and are heading home. Now Bill, behave!


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Michael Jackson And Kim Jong Il

Who do you think taught him to moon dance?

Who do you think taught him to moon dance?

Now there are two names you don’t  often see in a sentence together. But according to TMZ and Gotham Chopra, Michael Jackson was trying to find a way to contact Kim Jung Il! Hmm, seems MJ was thinking if he could teach the Dear Leader to moonwalk or something, he might be able to talk him into pardoning the two American journalists. You remember them, Laura Ling and Euna Lee, the reporters who were sentenced to 12 years hard labor after being caught “spying” on the North Korean border. Anywho Michael had contacted Chopra (a few months before his death) to see if he could help in convincing North Korea’s leader  to release the reporters. Michael thought Kim Jong Il might be a fan of his because “You know, he wears jackets like mine.” Bless, that would have been bigger than his comeback tour. Geez, they could have recorded a duet together…. imagine, the two “Kings of Pop”. And don’t get me started on the music video!

Psst You can read the whole story here Gotham Chopra.

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I Hear Korea is Lovely in Spring Time


I want apology, 4 cases of Pepsi and a free lesson with Tiger Woods!

When two American journos put their tootsies into North Korea I don’t think they were expecting to get an inside scoop on the prison system. But for Laura Ling and Lisa Ling 12 years of hard labor is a heavy price to pay for illegally entering Kim Jong Il’s personal space. Unfortunately it  also kinda sucks that their arrests coincided with the world’s condemnation of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons test. Dear Leader is mighty pissed and I am not even sure if the “Team America” of Gore, Clinton and Richardson can save them. Especially when Hillary has threatened to throw them back on that damn terror list.The two reporters were covering a story on fleeing North Korean refugees when they were detained, now it seems they will also be covering an exclusive behind the scenes look at a North Korean labor camp. Hmm, I hate to think what constitutes “hard labor”,  just watching them friggin march looks exhausting!


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