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Bad Moo-ve

Two British fire crews were dispatched after word got out a cow was roaming around with a plastic lawn chair stuck on its head. Awks. Don’t fret loons, the embarrassed bovine managed to remove the offending furniture by itself.



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Lawn Chair Traps Granny

Evelyn Rogers (75) is one very, very, lucky lady after she spent the night trapped in her lawn chair. Poor darl. She had been out watering the garden when she thought she would take a little breather on a canvas chair on the porch because it was so hot.As she was sitting there she noticed a piece of plastic sticking out from underneath the chair  so gave it a good old yank. That’s when the entire bottom of the chair ripped and her body slipped down into the aluminum frame. She became nicely wedged and couldn’t get out. All the yelling and screaming for help seemed to fall on deaf ears. Her family who lived in the house in front had gone on holidays and her neighbors were too far away to hear her screams. Her only chance was attracting the attention of the paperboy who delivered the paper at 5am the next morning. Mrs Rogers and her little chihuahua Lucy (who stayed by her side) stayed up throughout the night waiting, waiting, waiting. Then she finally saw the lights of a car..the paperboy. After Ethan Mueller (30) threw the paper from the window of his car he heard a dog barking and saw a woman wildly waving her hands. He drove back and found Mrs Rogers good and stuck. Despite his efforts he couldn’t get her out so called 911. After being separated from that damn chair doctors told her during the ordeal she had suffered a slight heart attack and her kidneys had failed. I expect the paperboy is going to get a very big tip this Christmas!

Psst Hmm, as for that lawn chair, you should take the wise wisdom of Kenny Rogers, “you gotta know when to fold them!”

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