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Well Don’t Eat It Then

jail-5How bad is the prison food in Arizona? Well, if one prisoner’s 6,000 lawsuits are anything to go by, it must be crap. Yep, the inmate is seeking $10 trillion because the prison grub makes his tummy ache. So far every federal lawsuit he has filed has been dismissed.


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Goblin Toppler Fail

Remember the fools who toppled an ancient sandstone formation in Goblin Valley State Park last Friday and posted it on YouTube? No? Well anywho, the big guy who pushed the rock off its perch filed a lawsuit last month against a woman and her father for injuries he suffered in a  2009 car crash which left him to “endure great pain and suffering, disability, impairment, loss of joy of life.” Hmm, good luck with that now sunshine.


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How Much Did you Say?

OK, here’s the thing lady, if you are going to sue the city of Columbus for impounding your car following a traffic accident, don’t be asking for $500 billion dollars in damages or you’ll be catching the bus for an awfully long time. Just saying.

Psst The car was a 2002 Saturn SC2.

Could this be Ohio Bearman?

Confirmation ….. Friggin Ohio, home of Bearman.


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You Did What?

Oh, he won't mind!

Oh for crying out loud,  Phillip Seaton went to the Jewish Hospital in Louisville to have a routine circumcision and the doctor friggin amputated the whole thing. What? Hmm yep, seems the urologist found a cancerous growth on the penis so decided to remove the entire organ to stop the cancer spreading without Mr Seaton’s permission. To make matters worse the cancer was a stage one and was treatable. Yep, that’s a lawsuit right there.

Want sauce with that?


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Family Suing Railroad and Canoe Center

OK, here’s the thing family who plan to sue railroad and local canoe center, maybe your son shouldn’t have been so stupid? Matthew Johnson died after he and his friends came across a trestle while canoeing down Mad River. After climbing the trestle Johnson’s friends jumped off when they saw a train coming but Johnson was a tad too slow and was mowed down trying to outrun it. Now the mother wants to sue a) the canoe company because they knew people frequently jumped off the trestle b) Train conductor  because he took his own sweet time to stop the train and c) The railroad because of it’s negligent in duty to maintain and equip train with safety devices. Good luck with that.


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Say What Sister?

Leshuh Griffin, who is an independent candidate for the State Assembly in Wisconsin, has just had her lawsuit thrown out by the federal court. She wanted to have “NOT the ‘whiteman’s bitch'” on the ballot to describe herself but the state Government Accountability Board barred her from using it. Hmm, seems your no one’s bitch now!


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Turkey Slapping Lawsuit

OK firstly, I didn’t know what the hell “turkey slapped” meant. The family of a New York schoolgirl, who was dragged into the boy’s locker room by 7 classmates and then held down while they rubbed their crotches in her face, are suing.  The 12 year old honor student, who is said to be now emotionally, psychologically and socially scarred, was walking towards the girl’s locker room when she was allegedly pounced upon by the boys and later turkey slapped. The suit claims the school in Queens failed to provide adequate supervision by security or teaching staff.

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Hedged His Bet!

Well, well, well, lookie here, Goldman Sachs have managed to find a fall guy for their fraud charge. And the head on a platter goes to 31 year old Fabrice “fabulous Fab” Tourre the then vice pres at Goldman. It was him and only him people, who committed fraud by not disclosing to investors “that a hedge fund that helped choose the mortgage-backed securities going into a Goldman-structured investment was the same hedge fund betting against that deal.” Geez, I wonder what reward he gets for sticking his neck out on the chopping block? Might want to give Scooter Libby a buzz to compare notes!


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Harry Potter And The Lawsuit of Hell

Willy the Wizard could have made millions!

Willy the Wizard could have made millions!

Holy Hogwart Express Batman, Harry Potter was suppose to be “Willy the Wizard”! It seems JK Rowlings will once again have some explaining to do after an author’s estate is launching a billion dollar copyright infringement against the publishers, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc . Hmm, it seems English writer Adrian Jacobs penned a book in 1987 called The Adventures of Willy the Wizard-No 1 Livid Land and it bares a striking similarity to Rowling’s book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Oh boy, Jacobs and Rowlings  also happened to have shared the same agent. Awkward. OK, before we jump to any conclusions lets go through the Harry vs Willy list. Both books are about a boy wizard who must compete in a contest (check). Both characters must work out the aim of the contest (check). Both get clues from helpers in a bathroom in order to rescue human hostages imprisoned by weird half animal half human creatures (check). Wizards using trains as transport (check).

You’re screwed! Kidding people, kidding….this is what Ms Rowlings has to say “I am saddened that yet another claim has been made that I have taken material from another source to write Harry. The fact is I had never heard of the author or the book before the first accusation by those connected to the author’s estate in 2004 – I have certainly never read the book.”

Despite the late author Adrian Jacobs having died penniless, the estate is continuing to battle it out in the High Court of England. Hmm, I wonder how many people are going to hunt down the Willy the Wizard book which was ultimately published by Bachman and Turner in 1987. Geez why bother, it’ll be pretty much the same as  Harry Potter from all accounts anyways!

Psst Check out the Willy Wizard website and see what ya think! psst #2 thanks Rick for letting us know.


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