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Wicked Waste Of Money Award

How's that clipart working for ya?

And this weeks wicked waste of money story goes to the British Ministry of Defence who spent £10billion on 14 refueling planes for their RAF jets only to discover they don’t friggin work. The refueling planes’ pipes leak when they try to refuel their jets in mid air. Well, that’s a health and safety nightmare right there. Want to hear the real bitch? The planes work just dandy when refueling the American fighter jets.

Want sauce with that?


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Europe is Aglow

No need to panic just yet but OMG,  low levels of  radiation have been detected across Europe over the past few days. More concerning is the trace of iodine-131, which is a radiation associated with a leaky nuclear reactor or the detonation of nuclear weapon. So far no one knows the origin of the leak or which country it is coming from. Run people, run!!!!

Psst Hmm, maybe it’s  China’s way of effectively cleaning up Europe’s financial mess?????


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Arctic Glow

Nope, nothing to worry about

Oh for crying out loud, another friggin nuclear leak, this time from a Russian atomic-powered icebreaker in the Arctic. Yep, the 21,000-tonne Taimyr icebreaker which is run by nuclear power has a friggin leak in its primary coolant system. Despite initials reports the leak poses no threat experts aren’t quite so sure. Hello, we all know how slow Russia is to admit it has a problem!

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What’s a bit of Tritium With Your Chinese Fluoride?

Anyone want a glass of water?

OK, no need to panic people, but could the residents of Vernon please report any unusual sightings of animals, with say, three heads! Oh yeah and while we are on the subject of Vernon, officials of their nuclear power plant say they have finally stopped the radioactive substance, tritium, leaking into the groundwater. Never you mind, they say there is absolutely no detectable levels of the radioactive stuff in the Connecticut River or the drinking water wells (yet) despite two leaky pipes causing the tritium to seep into the soil and groundwater. Oh deary me, the big old scare was caused by a clogged drain.


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