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Fears Over Nuclear Reactors

OK, no need to panic people of Japan but if you happen to live near a nuclear power plant, run!!!! Despite official reports that the plants are not leaking radiation, following the whopper earthquake, US air force personnel have been spotted delivering coolant. That can’t be good! Hmm, seems the problem is if the level of water drops in the pumps at the Fukushima reactor and can no longer cool the uranium then they could have a Chernobyl on their hands! As if they haven’t suffered enough!  Residents living in a 3 km radius have been told to evacuate, just in case. Evacuate to where?

UPDATE : The amount of radiation has reached 1,000 time the normal level in No 1 reactor and it is feared they may have to release radioactive steam into the air to ease pressure build up. Evacuations are underway.

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FBI On the Lookout For A Leaky Boob

Are your tits leaking?

Gosh those FBI are smart. After 15 years of trying to apprehend infamous Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger (80) they are now focusing on his wife Catherine Elizabeth Greig (59) in the hope her breast implant will implode. You see, the FBI have the identification numbers for Ms Greig’s breast implants and they just happen to be the ones that are notorious for leaking.
So, the Feds in their infinite wisdom placed a full page ad in Plastic Surgery News in the hope a surgeon will dobbed them in if and when those boobs go kaboom.


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