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Lets not lie, how many of you are tsking?


China, sewer grill, leg trapped, firefighters, grinders, public humiliation, buckets of shame…you can fill in the blanks.

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Only A Flesh Wound

bullet 2Definition of awkward? The clumsy Indiana police chief who waltzed into a gun store and accidentally shot himself in the leg after it got caught in his clothing. Hmm, anyone else got an adjective to describe this calamity? Anyone?


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Dog brings home human legYou know what I hate? When your dog comes home with a human leg in its mouth. I really friggin hate that! The poor 93 year old man from Washington couldn’t believe his eyes when his pooch Liberty came bounding home with his latest find, a human leg. In a state of panic he took the leg and buried it in the backyard because  “I didn’t want to have to go to the pen for something I didn’t do.” When he told his daughter she rang police and well, they brought in sniffer dogs to locate the rest of the body.


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You Only Knocked Over One Pin

Man shoots himself in leg while bowlingOK, here’s the thing mister, don’t be carrying a revolver in your short’s pocket while bowling. That’s a strike …. in the leg. Seems when he went up for his turn he struck his leg with the bowling ball and kaboom.

Psst Florida


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Like A Rat Up A Drainpipe

It was horrible I tell ya, horrible!

A New Yorker is refusing to go back on the subway after a rat ran up the inside of her pant leg. The rat was reluctant to budge  she was forced to take her pants off to get the rodent out!!!! No word on how the rat is coping.


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One Way To Get Out Of Doing Chores

Moral of the story is never carry a loaded gun in your pocket while mowing the lawn because it might fall out, discharge and shoot you in the goddam leg. Ain’t that right mister from Colorado Springs?


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Has Anyone Seen An Alligator With A Leg In It’s Stomach?

Give it back!!!!

If you happen to come across an alligator wandering around the south-west Florida area with a leg in it’s mouth could you please contact the Fish and Wildlife department because it belongs to Margaret Webb and she wants it back so they can reattach it, thanks. The 90 year old had been out walking when the 2.4 beast lunged out of canal and grabbed her leg. They are hoping they can catch the reptile so they can cut it open and retrieve the leg. Good luck with that!


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Latest Zsa Zsa Update

Half her leg is being amputated…. blood clot.


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The Hazards of Drinking in Sweden

Honey, what's that on your leg?

Honey, what's that on your leg?

OMG, you soon find out who your real buddies are after you down a whole bottle of vodka. A Swedish man, known only as Joel, went out drinking with some mates and woke up the next day to find a six inch penis tattooed on his leg. Hmm, seems the boys got a little plastered at a nightclub so they toddled off to a hamburger joint. There the group joked about a silly mustache tattooed on someone’s finger and Joel proclaimed he too would like a tattoo. Well as luck would have it a tattoo artist was in a booth next to them and offered to grant Joel his wish, with only one condition. He chose what would go on his leg. Needless to say Joel no longer wears shorts!


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