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What happened to democracy?

Called the gaming minister a wimp....and you?

The Victorian Parliament of Australia is about to pass legislation which will make it a criminal offence to assault, obstruct, hinder, threaten, abuse, insult or intimidate Gaming Minister Michael O’Brien. The reason? The Victorian government feel it’s “reasonably necessary to respect the rights and reputation of the minister and authorised persons”. Hmm, yeah,isn’t  that’s the same reasoning as China and North Korea?  Anywho, once the law is passed  it won’t be long before every minister in Australia will be seeking the same privilege. Bye, bye democracy, accountability and freedom of speech .

Psst If found guilty of an insult, that’s a $12,000 fine right there!


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Australian Government vs Cigarette Companies

It's not the brand that's killing people!

Australia Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who has failed in just about every policy promise during his term in office, is now taking on the tobacco giants. Good luck with that! He is not only whacking a 25% tax on ciggies he is also going to force the tobacco companies to use plain packaging as of 1st July, 2012. Hmm, so what does that mean? The new legislation will prohibit logos, brand imagery, colors, and promotional text other than brand and product names in standard color, position, font style and size on all cigarette packets. Oh and lets not forget his internet censoring policy agenda…Internet advertising of cigarettes will also be restricted. In response a spokeswoman for Imperial Tobacco Australia said the company was preparing to “legally” fight the Government over the proposed changes. Democracy gone dot com!

Psst Be careful what you wish . How much money does the government rely on each year from its cigarette taxes? Anywho, all it means is there is now a new market for people to design  logo riddled cigarette cases!


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