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A $65 Million Loveless Marriage Anyone?

OK men loons, line up, line up, we have a challenge. A Hong Kong tycoon is offering $65 million for any MAN who can win the heart of his lesbian daughter. One of the biggest probs will be prying her out of the arms of her same sex partner who she recently married in France. AND no, Gigi is quite the looker. Seems daddy is horrified at his daughter’s personal choices and is hoping that there is a man out there girl enough to win her heart. Good luck with that!

Psst I’m guessing Chaz Bono  is out of the question?


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Yeah, About Your Niece and Nephew!

Hi gran!

British scaffolder Charlie Lowden secretly donated sperm to his lesbian aunt so she could have two children with her partner. HOWEVER, the secret was revealed to his stunned parents after Charlie (20) died unexpectedly during routine surgery. Surprise, you’re grandparents! Despite the initial shock of discovering their niece and nephew were really their grandkids, Charles and Lynn Lowden say they are over the moon that a little piece of Charlie was left behind.

Psst I know what you are thinking, here’s hoping it was the aunt’s partner who provided the eggs!


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Last Act Of Defiance

OK here’s the thing, don’t be calling your girlfriend a lesbian if you value your genitals and life. Samantha Brown and her sister have been jailed after they left Dean Darvill to bleed to death following  an argument. The fight started after Dean accused Samantha of having  gay affair so she stabbed him the groin with a kitchen knife and fled. Meanwhile sis, Toni, refused to ring for an ambulance despite his pleas. She also stopped another woman, who was in the house, from ringing. Then in a despicable act Toni rang Dean’s  family to tell them he had been wounded but refused to give them her address so they could call an ambulance. Sadly had he received immediate medical treatment he would have  survived. Toni’s reason for not calling 999….she didn’t want to wake her young children.


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How I Met Your Mother

Remember the killer who had a taxpayer-funded sex change operation and then fought to be sent to a womens prison? Come on, sure you do? Oh well, anywho she’s getting married to a lesbian murderess. The prisoner, previously known as Douglas Wakefield, is tying the knot with Thelma Purchase who is serving a life sentence for murder too (hmm, something in common). Wakefield was originally jailed (as a man) for strangling is uncle, then beating him with a hammer before stabbing him 48 times with a garden fork. Then while in Parkhurst Prison he killed an inmate and twice took prison officers hostage. Meanwhile, the bride got her comeuppance by murdering a disabled man so she could get her hands on £70,000. Now the two will live happily ever after behind bars at New Hall Prison in west Yorkshire, bless.


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Here’s A Friggin Story

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, you are such a biatch! Seems that lesbian denying Eve Plumb hasn’t forgiven Maureen McCormick for spilling the beans on her in  Here’s The Story autobiography. No seriously she is pissed. So much so she is refusing to be in the same room with her (obviously she isn’t quite over the whole lesbi thingy) which kinda makes the NBC reunion seem pointless because she has declared herself a no show. Hmm, probably the reason why the whole thing has been canned. McCormick claimed in her book she and Plumb had an on-set sexual relationship (ewh, incest), something Plumb has adamantly denied. Geez, makes Barry Williams (Greg Brady) and Florence Henderson’s (Mrs Brady) date seem pathetic. Did I mention McCormick also had a fling with Williams as well. Marcia sure was a slut!


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Lesbian Albatrosses Become Proud Parents

It was just a one night stand Cheryl, I wanted to see what it was like!

Move over Harry and Pepper, gay penguins were so 2009, now we have lesbian albatrosses . Yes, the royal lesbian albatross couple have just become proud parents of a little chick, which probably means that one of them isn’t as lesbian as first thought! The New Zealand birds are on the endangered list (which isn’t surprising if they continue with their same sex ways) and have become quite the celebrities now they have a little bub. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a naming “the lesbians’ chick” competition, now would it? I am thinking Gayle would be nice !

Psst You can enter the competition on the Dunedinnz Facebook page.


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