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Bizarre Italian Murder Mystery

OK loons it’s Miss Marple time once more. This time we are in Rome, where detectives are trying to solve a baffling mystery. They have discovered a perfect skeleton with just one friggin catch, it’s made up of five different bodies. Oh dear, Hannibal Lecter must be in town. This is what police know, the bones belong to three women and two men aged between 25-55 years  and they have all been murdered within a 20 year span from the 1980’s until 2006.

Firefighters stumbled upon the bizarre skeleton while putting out a blaze in the Magliana suburb of southern Rome.Initially they thought it was the remains of pensioner Libero Ricci (77) who disappeared in 2003 because his wallet and keys were found close by. However his family insisted it wasn’t him because the  clothes didn’t match. DNA testing established it wasn’t Ricci but the skull did belong to someone related to him. Further DNA relieved 5 different bodies were used to make up the skeleton, leading police to fear a serial murdering bone collector. Police have yet to identify the victims.


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