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Gaddafi’s Youngest Son Killed By Nato Airstrikes

Oh crap, GDaffy won’t be happy. It is being reported that Nato air-strikes have killed his son,  Saif al-Arab Gaddafi, and three of his grandkids during an airstrike of the leaders residential villa. Saif was the youngest of his six sons. It is believed the planned attack was aimed at assassinating the Libyan leader but kinda missed the mark. GDaffy and his wife were in the house at the time of the bombing but were unscathed.


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Forget Something?

My bad?

OK, here’s the thing ex Libyan Foreign Minister, when defecting to the UK  it might have been a good idea to take your wife friggin with you. Musa Kusa’s other half has been seized by GDaffy’s forces and is currently being interrogated by “internal security” . Hmm, in other words probably gang raped. Meanwhile Kusa is R&R-ing in a safe house in Britain.


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Gaddafi Is Such A Kidder!

Oh dear, when an escort agency  was asked by Libyan dicktator Colonel Gaddafi to supply 500 Italian women to a hotel in Rome, they thought it was their lucky day. Little did they know it was a friggin ruse to convert them beauties to Islam. Hmm, like they would survive the sharia laws for starters! Normally when Gaddafi travels he sets up a tent in a park for his harem to play but during the Rome summit on world food security, he tried a new approach, local girls.Can you imagine the poor things faces when, after forcing them to go through an elimination process (short women were excluded) they then had to sit through the Gaddafi lecture on the Muslim Koran, before being handed a signed version of his Green Book on democracy and political philosophy, written in 1975. One furious blonde exclaimed after the event ‘I thought we were going to a party – we didn’t even get a glass of water or some salty snacks.’That’s what I call a great f***! Geez,at least it took some pressure off the official sleaze, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who also attended the summit. Gaddafi 1, Call girls 0.


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Tent Free Zone

It was bad enough that everyone, bar the catering staff, walked out on his way too long rambling UN speech but now Colonel Gaddafi, bless his heart,  faces further embarrassment by having his tent dismantled. Geez, what’s a man got to do to pitch a tent in New York? Yes, the Libyan leader, who prefers sleeping in a tent with his all female entourage bodyguards, has been told he can’t just erect a tent willy nilly in someone’s backyard because it’s a code violation. I am guessing, being Donald Trump’s property and all, he had the job of breaking the news to Gaddafi….you’re fired evicted. I hear there is a nice camping ground in Vermont.


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