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So Close

Oh bless, the old “make my own license plate number” trick. A woman from New York thought she had successfully fooled the cops when she got out her colouring pens and whipped up a NY plate for her uninsured car. Unfortunately a sharp eyed office spied the ruse. Hmmm, I wonder if she will be making them where she’s going?



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Kind of Makes Her A Sitting Duck

OK, here’s the thing animal activist living in Ohio (friggin home of Bearman), who wants a personalized license plate reading “H8HUNTERS.”  The Bureau of Motor Vehicles says no. Still persistent, the  animal lover is hopeful that her second license plate application for “HUNTNOT” will be approved.


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Don’t Worry, They Won’t Suspect a Thing!

Elementary Dear Watson!

Oh for crying out loud, if you are a friggin drug runner don’t be putting  personal license plates on your car with the letters S M U G L E R .  Hmm, and then book the Al Capone and DB Cooper rooms at the Smuggler’s Inn on the Canadian border. Oh dear, Jasmin Klair admitted  to those clever little federal agents that the 9 bricks of cocaine were hers.

Want sauce with that?


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Burglars Do The Darndest Things

This is the reason why people use stolen cars for burglaries. Gary Browder was arrested after his license plate fell off his car as he made his getaway from a robbery. When police viewed the surveillance video they noted the license plate had fallen off. It didn’t take long to find the plate  and trace it back to Browder, who was already in jail for two unrelated incidents.

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