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Daughter Dearest

Daughter lied about her father raping herThere are stories that make you really mad and then there is this one. In 1997 a 9 year old girl told police her father raped her. He was then sent sentenced to 20-40 years in prison and barred from seeing his five kids because he refused to plea deal. Now, 16 years later the daughter is trying to have him released because she says made the whole thing up to avoid being beaten by her drug addicted mother. Despite numerous efforts to recant her story following the sentence,  authorities refused to listen.

Want sauce with that?


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The Ninjas Did It

teen shot in groin says ninjas did itTelling people you were shot by  ninjas is no way to go through life son. The teen, who rocked up to hospital with a gunshot wound to his groin, originally told police he’d been shot by two men dressed as ninjas but when police found no evidence at the scene the kid confessed he had accidentally shot himself. Not cool to be telling that to your gang members.


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Notorious Serial Killer Lied

It was funny in the beginning …

What could possibly be worse than confessing to over 30 murders? Confessing 21 years later that you made it all up. Introducing Thomas Quick (real name Sture Bergwall), the man who until recently was considered one of Sweden’s worst serial killers. Quick has spent the last 21 years in a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane after he confessed to gruesomely murdering randoms across Scandinavia between 1964-1993.
The truth was only uncovered when a documentary maker, Hannes Råstam, began rummaging through thousands of court documents and discovered that there was no DNA evidence, murder weapons or eye witnesses to back up his story. When he later confronted Quick he fessed up. Quick told Råstam he had made the whole thing up because while in jail on an unrelated crime “I was a very lonely person when it all started ….and I noticed that the worse or more violent or serious the crime, the more interest someone got from the psychiatric personnel. I also wanted to belong to that group, to be an interesting person in here.”

Hmm, one flew over that cuckoo’s nest!!!



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Now That’s a Sickie

OK, here’s the thing Scottish music teacher trying to get a few days off work, lying to the school about driving over a kid in your car and killing her is highly dumbass. The teacher,who had been previously successful getting days off with his little white lies, got a little too inventive on this one and now has been given a 12-month reprimand on the teaching register.


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Forget Steroids, Catch a Bus

Tsk, tsk, Rob Sloan. The  runner who came third in the Kielder marathon in England had to give his medal back after witnesses saw him catch a bus for the last section of the race and then jump off just before the finishing line. Once off the bus he  hid in a wooded area behind a tree until the first and second runners jogged past then he rejoined the race.  Mr Sloan was originally outraged that anyone would accuse him of cheating but later admitted to it after witnesses saw him on the bus. It also didn’t help that the lead pack couldn’t understand how he had passed them. After the race a smug Sloan told reporters the race as “absolutely, unbelievably tough”.  Awkward.


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One Way To Get Attention

Anyone remember Bethany Storro the woman who claimed a black woman threw acid in her face outside a Starbucks? No? Come on she was scheduled to appear on Oprah, you must know her,she’s the one with the severe burns to her face. Oh well anywho, seems like she’s been fibbing. No one threw acid at her, she did it herself.I know, that’s friggins stupid! . But evidently after all the worldwide attention her story attracted she has confessed that her injuries were self inflicted. Sheez!


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You Betcha It’s Off Again

Nooooooooo say it ain’t so. It’s official Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have called off the friggin engagement. Seems Bristol is pissed that Levi lied about knocking up the  ex and making a mocking music clip about the Palins. Move over everyone Bristol is moving back home to live. Night Sarah, Night Todd, night Willow, night Piper, night Track, night Trig, night Tripp, night Johnboy. Why can’t they all be like Chelsea Clinton?


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