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We Are Not Alone!!!!

Oh crap, scientists believe they have found signs of life on Saturn’s moon. Yes, Titan, Saturn’s biggest moon, might have primitive alien lifeforms living off the fuel on its surface and breathing in the crap from its atmosphere. Sheez, I hope they don’t want to come to Earth and live, as if we don’t have enough mouths to feed and our health system is already overloaded without having them getting free medicals too! Imagine having to protect our atmospheric boarders (Arizona would have a fit!). OK, one big  bummer for the alien life form is scientists believe they are probably methane-based (we are water based), which mean no intergalactic  relationships ladies!!!!  Hmm, which may also explain why so many cows have been abducted? Anywho, you can read all the scientific gobbledygook here USA Today.


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