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It’s Safe In Japan

Here’s a question loons. Guess what the search parties are finding 100s of washed up on the shores after the Japanese tsunami? Take a wild guess? Metal safes, friggin hundreds and hundreds of them but in typical Japanese style they remain unopened and stored at police stations waiting for their owners to come forward. It has long been a problem in Japan where elderly people like to stash their cash at home. It is one main reason why it is estimated $350 billion worth of yen doesn’t circulate. In Japan it is called ‘tansu yokin’ (wardrobe savings). Anywho there are so many safes (presumably full of valuables and cash) being collected and handed over to police they are struggling to find storage space for them all. Many survivors are believed to have been left penniless after storing their life savings in safes instead of the banks. In a desperate effort to locate the owners police are considering opening the safes in the hope of finding some kind of identification inside.

Psst What an amazing culture, in any other country in the world those safes would never have made it to a police station. We have a lot to learn.


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Why, Why, Why, Delilah?

Now, lets see ....

OMG, a pensioner who had no family has left a large amount of her life savings to ….wait for it….Centrelink. Ms Delilah Moussa, a Lebanese born pensioner who died in 2007, was a regular visitor to the Campbelltown branch where she often came in to have a chat with staff and discuss her welfare payments. The $60,000 has been put to good use with the branch using the money to set up a program to assist elderly people who are isolated in their homes to have more access to social outings and support. The Campbelltown Centrelink have also put up a plaque in dedication to her generosity.


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