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Daughter Dearest

Daughter lied about her father raping herThere are stories that make you really mad and then there is this one. In 1997 a 9 year old girl told police her father raped her. He was then sent sentenced to 20-40 years in prison and barred from seeing his five kids because he refused to plea deal. Now, 16 years later the daughter is trying to have him released because she says made the whole thing up to avoid being beaten by her drug addicted mother. Despite numerous efforts to recant her story following the sentence,  authorities refused to listen.

Want sauce with that?


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Bye bye Warrren Jeffs

Tsk, tsk, don't use my name in vain fool!

Well on the bright side Texan polygamist Warren Jeffs wont be short of visitors after he was sentenced to life in jail, it’s believed he has 78 wives and  31 daughters. The spiritual leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, who saw fit to have sex with a young girls under the ruse of “spiritual marriage”, will spend the rest of his life trying not to drop the soap. Dude, you shouldn’t have taped it. Juries hate having to listen to you raping a little girl. See ya, don’t want to be ya!


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One Less Scum To Worry About

Remember Elizabeth Smart, the 14 year old Mormon girl who was kidnapped from her bedroom by some religious psycho and kept as his “wife” for 9 months while the media focused on some other guy (Richard Ricci) as the culprit? Well, the case has finally ended with Brian David Mitchell being sentenced to life in prison. Sayonara you scum. Mitchell  had briefly worked at the Smart’s house as a handyman before sneaking into the house and taking Elizabeth at knife point. The only witness to the kidnapping was Elizabeth’s little sister who  was unable to identify him until several months after the incident.  During her ordeal Elizabeth  was raped nearly everyday, shackled and forced to watch pornographic videos and drink alcohol. During this time Mitchell’s “real” wife would watch on. When Elizabeth’s sister finally remembered the voice she had heard the night of the kidnapping as being that of a man known to the family as Emmanuel, a sketch was plastered over Larry King Live and America’s Most Wanted.Within days he was identified as Brian David Mitchell and spotted in Sandy, Utah. Despite Elizabeth being dressed up in a disguise an alert police officer recognized her and promptly arrested Mitchell and his wife. For 9 years the Smart family have waited for justice to be served but today it was served. Life for Mitchell and 15 years for his wife.

Psst Elizabeth Smart is now 23 and says she will dedicate her life to child advocacy “to help stop and prevent future kidnapping crimes, sexual crimes against children, against anyone.”

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Justice Served

RIP Darcey.

Bravo, at last, a real sentence to fit the crime in Australia . Arthur Freeman has been given a life sentence with a non parole period of 32 years for throwing his 4 year old daughter Darcey from the Westgate Bridge in 2009. Judge Coghlan in handing down the sentence said “You did what you did, you are responsible for it, and nobody else is.” Minutes before he took his little girl from the car and threw her from the bridge Mr Freeman rang his ex wife and told her “say goodbye to your children” Darcey’s brother witnessed the murder and begged his dad to turn back because “Darcey can’t swim,”.

Want sauce with that?


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Less For Murder

Not paying tolls...and you?

Avoiding paying road tolls in China, that’s a life sentence right there. Shi Jianfeng allegedly whacked fake military plates onto two of his gravel trucks to avoid the tolls, as military vehicles are exempt. His little scam saved him $564,000 in highway tolls. Unfortunately he was caught and a judge handed him down a life sentence. But wait, there’s more….seems the judge and two court officials have been suspended over the sentencing after a massive public outcry. Gotta investigate it properly boys. Shi’s brother not only admitted he was behind the toll avoidance scam but he also handed himself into police, leaving the judge and officials red faced (and out of jobs).

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You Kinda Saw It Coming

Crossbow Cannibal Stephen Griffiths and resident psycho who was sentenced to life for killing three prostitutes with a crossbow claims he “killed loads” more. The friggin freak and uni researcher (aka “the demon Ven Pariah”), who dismembered and ate the flesh of his victims, told detectives he had butchered more than three. However they aren’t sure if he is telling the truth as he is a delusional, attention seeking control freak. During the trial it was revealed that Griffiths videoed one victim on his cell phone as she lay mutilated in the bath while he sprayed her with black paint and chanted “I am Ven Pariah. I am the bloodbath artist. Here is a model who is assisting me.” Urgh, other footage showed him fondling the butt of a victim. 81 pieces of one victim, Suzanne Blamires was found in and around River Aire near Shipley. Griffiths has been tight lipped about naming other potential victims but police are now investigating three unsolved murders in the Yorkshire area.


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You’re Screwed Now!

Remember the 40 Year Old Virgin actor who stabbed his ex girlfriend with a kitchen knife? No? Well anywho, he got life in prison. Shelley Malil who played Haziz in the hit film said of his sentence “I failed miserably, not only as a human being but as a father, son, uncle, brother, friend.” Hmm, he forgot to say as an actor too.


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Sleeping With A Rotting Corpse

A coke addicted, out of work artist, Michael Lenahan, has been sentenced to 19 years jail for the strangulation murder of Lorna Santiago. Lenahan, who was living with his grandmother in the Confucius Plaza apartment in Manhattan, murdered the woman during an argument and then spent the next few days sleeping with the decomposing body. He then began surfing the net looking for info on sadomasochism and how to preserve dead bodies. During his trial Lenahan said “I’m far from a perfect person, but I am a good person,” Uh huh, whatever!


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Such Is Life

What’s the definition of ironic? When a  inmate has his death sentence commuted to life and then goes and hangs himself a week later.70 year old George Smithey was convicted of murder, robbery and attempted rape in 1988 and sentence to death. However after his sentence was  commuted to life, due to mental retardation, he used his bed sheet to end it all.


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Life Sentence For Stealing Socks at WalMart

Separated from the rest of the flock!

Bummer, a shoplifter has been given a life sentence for stealing a packet of $4 socks. Problem it seemed was Dean Rockmore was also was carrying a gun and flashed it at a Walmart employee when confronted in a parking lot after fleeing the store with his footwear. Hmm,  so technically that’s “armed  robbery” right there  and as  Mr Rockmore was a friggin re-offender a life sentence is mandatory.


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