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Hello, Is That Stephen King?

Worst fear alert. A Chinese woman was found starved to death in an elevator in her apartment building. Evidently, she had been trapped in the lift for a month without anyone knowing. Scratch marks inside suggests she tried endlessly to get out. Many of the residents in the apartment building were away celebrating New Year festivities while the others used a second elevator unaware of the horror unfolding in the other lift.


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Creepiest Prank Ever

OK, I think I would spontaneously combust if someone played this prank on me. Seriously, this could quite easily be my worst nightmare.  OMG, she is holding a creepy doll too…… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


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Would You Be a Dear and Give Me A Lift To The Bank?

Tsk, tsk granny!

You know what I hate? When an elderly woman asks you for a lift to the bank and then proceeds to  rob it. I really friggin hate that! Luke Weimert had no idea when police ordered him and Sandra Bathke out of his car at gunpoint that the little old lady next to him was a bank robber.While Luke had patiently waited outside the bank in his car, the 70 year had been inside pulling a gun on the teller and demanding money. As Luke drove her back to her apartment she calmly talked about the weather and the slippery roads. Seems Sandra was going to use the money to pay for her overdue rent after Luke’s mom (the landlord) gave her an eviction notice earlier that day. She had told Luke she needed a lift so she could withdraw the rent  money from her account. Oh well, now she will have free room and board.


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Going Down!

OK here’s the thing Korean man in wheelchair, when ramming a lift door in a fit of anger make sure it doesn’t suddenly open and you plunge 19ft to your death. A South Korean man, who became enraged after a woman in a shopping center lift failed to hold it open for him, lost his cool and began ramming the door with his electric wheelchair. After several attempts the doors gave way and well, he plunged down the shaft. Angry man 0, lift 1.


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Voice Recogntion Elevator Does Not Do Scottish Accents

I, they don’t do Scottish accents ya bastards….

Psst From the new comedy series  Burnistoun


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One Of Life’s Little Lessons

A word of warning to all dumbassed purse snatchers, don’t mess with Japanese women in lifts! That’s gotta hurt! She’s definitely taken the train molester course.


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