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About That Head In The River

You know what I hate? When you are going for a walk and you see a human head with “curly hair and eyebrows” in the River Witham, only to have the police inform you a little time later it was a friggin rock! I really hate that. Yes, it was in England!

Want sauce with that?


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Beer Box Bandit

I cant friggin see!

I cant friggin see!

Last week a robber used his boxers over his head to rob a convenience store now this week a better form of diguise, an empty Bud Light box. Yes, some clown from Lincoln threw a beer box over his head, wrapped a green towel around his hand and proceeded to hold up the store. Hmm, it must be working for him because he managed to get his nine packs of Newport cigarettes. If only he used his mind for good!

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